A few Swift thoughts.

I’ve just had a little word with myself because I’ve got a mental dilemma that I’ve had to talk out and conclude. First, my conclusion. I like Taylor Swift. No wait, hear me out.

As teenager I never really got into pop culture so I’m not really able to follow it like you very talented internet people are. And you may be wondering, how have you gone throughout your life without hearing Taylor Swift? I’m not really an outside kind of person, it takes quite a lot to get me outside, I’m actually supposed to be at the gym right now. I also don’t even have freeview in my bedroom and god forbid I try to watch telly with my parents.

I actually was watching silent music videos in the gym the other day, it’s hilarious, if you haven’t do. I saw the video for shake it off, and I had a damn good chuckle, it was so good I was getting serious looks. And I watched it with the music when I got home, and I had a good laugh then too. But then it clicked, I enjoyed this song, so I looked more and more.

Okay, so this isn’t a very good story, but my point is, I hear so much negativity about so many things and I just ignore it, wanting to stay out of the debate. But today I can honestly say, I want to be in this debate. Because she actually writes all her own music, she’s a current and widely popular country singer, who doesn’t show her but. I think she has a lot going for her and she doesn’t deserve everything that people say about her.


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