Working hard or hardly working?

There’s working hard, and then there’s overworking. For some reason every time I approach working hard, I freak out about overworking then fall into an endless cycle of procrastination with hundreds of excuses for why I shouldn’t be working right now.

For example, I got an email on Sunday night that said, “Please bring in all your work tomorrow as you will be assessed and it will be decided whether or not you will be able to continue on the course” I had plans of doing my a lot of homework that sunday evening, but that email managed to change my mind. I thought to myself, what is this? Britain’s next top designer, I pay for this course only to be told that I can’t continue. I put up with excessive amounts of homework, extra school days around my work life and real life, which is currently no existent, and you’re telling me that you’re just going to take my money and send me home?

It’s fair to say I did no work that night, but I also did something else, something much worse to myself. I stayed up all night, I don’t know how I ended up awake at 5am but I did and I definitely hadn’t planned on it. I know that I can’t function without 8 hours sleep but somehow I completely self sabotaged myself and left myself in a very deep hole.

I’m not sure if there’s a moral to be taken from my story, but I know that there may be some great advise in there. Such as, stop freaking out you loon and just get on with it.


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