Coming soon.

We all love fashion, it engages with us like nothing else does. We use it to express ourselves and it is now fundamental to our happiness, to look the way we want to be seen. 232,000 people attend fashion week each year. We all want to get into fashion and dig right in and be paid to do what we love, but how many jobs are there for all of us studying our butts off trying dreaming of getting involved.

The uk fashion and textiles industry employs 600,000 people, this makes the uk the third largest fashion employer in the world. So why are we all so drawn to this profession and where do you fit in this industry?

Starting next friday I’m going to look into the different jobs in fashion and feed you all that I find, including the traits of people who can do these jobs. Lets face it, we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

Lets find our place together. xoxo


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