Sorry I’m late.

Hey there guys, please excuse my absenteeism, I’ve bee going through a little rough patch. However I have my bright yellow blouse on and I’m here to give you a little update.

I’ve been studying up on Personal shopping and Styling and should be qualified in no time at all.

I’m also sewing again, creating garments that I will be selling because I don’t actually have space to keep that many clothes in my house. But the most important thing is that I’m cutting my own patterns and I plan to be upping the ante and getting into complicated pattern cutting once I’ve got all my blocks worked out.

I’m so excited to share this all with you, after all these months of tiresomely dragging myself out of bed then coming home to do nothing I just feel so revitalized to be doing what I love again instead of trying to please everyone else I’m finally choosing myself again. For anyone going through a rough patch stop listening to everyone else telling you what to do. Sit down with yourself find out what is stressing you and cut it out then do what excites you. Because that’s where you’ll find bliss.

Love you guys xoxo


Fashion designer

The first in my series of fashion jobs has officially arrived on your doorstep, starting with the most obvious fashion job. Fashion designer. The designer is the fashion maker, without fashion designers there’d be no fashion. Fortunately there’s no shortage of designers in the market, but there aren’t enough jobs for everyone this means that employees can charge a low salary for such a high skilled job in 2012 the average starting salary for a designer was £16,935 moving up to £32,533 when looking at all designer posts in London.

As a fashion designer you will either work Freelance or for a fashion house that will either sell ready-to-wear or bespoke designs. Bespoke is one off creations made to a clients specifications and measurements, they can also be designs from a line made up in a client’s measurements. Bespoke is high skill and requires top notch pattern cutting skills. Ready-to-wear tends to be a high street store specializing in womenswear; menswear, sportswear, childrens… you get the picture. But also the luxury brands that make bespoke designs will also create ready-to-wear lines as this is their main source of income, you will most likely be working in a team designing for mass manufacture and will have to work from a trend forecasting book then make presentations to the creative director.

Key Skills and Interests:

  • Creative but also needs to be able to be creative within constraints.
  • Able to Identify and Predict trends
  • Sewing and construction skills
  • Drawing/illustration (Don’t worry too much on this one, a simple sketch will usually do)
  • Understanding of patterns
  • Problem solving skills

So what should you think about doing? Well the first route is education, and believe me, you’re never too old for education. The typical education level for entry is a Bachelor’s Degree which usually requires three years (possible a teeny weeny bit more) at university. If that’s not enough (or simply not your cup of tea), then internships and apprenticeships are the next step. Internships and apprenticeships are as competitive as a job, and requires perseverance. So update that CV and start searching!

Best of luck xoxo

Coming soon.

We all love fashion, it engages with us like nothing else does. We use it to express ourselves and it is now fundamental to our happiness, to look the way we want to be seen. 232,000 people attend fashion week each year. We all want to get into fashion and dig right in and be paid to do what we love, but how many jobs are there for all of us studying our butts off trying dreaming of getting involved.

The uk fashion and textiles industry employs 600,000 people, this makes the uk the third largest fashion employer in the world. So why are we all so drawn to this profession and where do you fit in this industry?

Starting next friday I’m going to look into the different jobs in fashion and feed you all that I find, including the traits of people who can do these jobs. Lets face it, we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

Lets find our place together. xoxo

Tomorrow’s promise

Good evening my beautiful readers and what a good day it has been.

I want to tell you all that I plan to organize this blog within the first quarter of the new year. I want you to expect more fashion from me, and if I don’t deliver then you may damn well tell me about it.

That’s all, I’ll see you tomorrow. xoxo