Good evening bloggersphere.I came here because I wanted to say something but I’m not sure what yet so I’m just gonna let it flow for now.

As promised I got my act together, I made it to the end of my college course and I don’t feel any better about having done it but on my way out I found my next step which is everything and for that I am grateful.

I am starting a new blog but it’s going to be image based featuring my designs and my beautiful model Molly as pictured above. I believe I’m going to mainly use instagram and youtube. I really love the new photographic outlet where I can capture my ideas in my garment and show it all to the world through my eyes as I see it.I just can’t explain how thrilled I am to really get my teeth into this projects and for you all to see it and have people maybe want to see more.

You can find my new blog titled Molly and Tamara on tumblr here and our instagram page here.

I hope you follow because there are many great things to come!

Until next time xx


SMART goals

I’m super excited for the upcoming year. There is just so much to do!

This summer I’m going to be writing and achieving smart goals. “What is a smart goal Tamy?” you may be wondering. That my friend is a good question. A Smart goal is a goal that is broken down in a way take makes it achievable. SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Start setting goals, and link me to your blog if you make your own summer goals or summer bucketlist post in the comments XD

Two posts in one day?

I know I’ve been really quiet lately, and I promised I’d finish college so until I do I’m probably not going to posting so much. I want to create some garments and share my inspirations with you but right now I just don’t have the time to juggle everything.

I did quit lifeguarding and I now work as a gymnastics assistant two days a week and a receptionist on some of the others.

I wish you all well and check out my last post and watch the video (it’s awesome)! (x)

Today, I decided I’m going to leave my job and start looking for an internship. It’s the only way really. I only have three months left of college and I would like to be able to say that I’m working towards my goals and I will happily take my freedom over money any day XD

I say this a lot but I need to be publicly accountable, so I’ll be back in a few days with an update and with my new free tme I hope to start creating content XD

Fashion designer

The first in my series of fashion jobs has officially arrived on your doorstep, starting with the most obvious fashion job. Fashion designer. The designer is the fashion maker, without fashion designers there’d be no fashion. Fortunately there’s no shortage of designers in the market, but there aren’t enough jobs for everyone this means that employees can charge a low salary for such a high skilled job in 2012 the average starting salary for a designer was £16,935 moving up to £32,533 when looking at all designer posts in London.

As a fashion designer you will either work Freelance or for a fashion house that will either sell ready-to-wear or bespoke designs. Bespoke is one off creations made to a clients specifications and measurements, they can also be designs from a line made up in a client’s measurements. Bespoke is high skill and requires top notch pattern cutting skills. Ready-to-wear tends to be a high street store specializing in womenswear; menswear, sportswear, childrens… you get the picture. But also the luxury brands that make bespoke designs will also create ready-to-wear lines as this is their main source of income, you will most likely be working in a team designing for mass manufacture and will have to work from a trend forecasting book then make presentations to the creative director.

Key Skills and Interests:

  • Creative but also needs to be able to be creative within constraints.
  • Able to Identify and Predict trends
  • Sewing and construction skills
  • Drawing/illustration (Don’t worry too much on this one, a simple sketch will usually do)
  • Understanding of patterns
  • Problem solving skills

So what should you think about doing? Well the first route is education, and believe me, you’re never too old for education. The typical education level for entry is a Bachelor’s Degree which usually requires three years (possible a teeny weeny bit more) at university. If that’s not enough (or simply not your cup of tea), then internships and apprenticeships are the next step. Internships and apprenticeships are as competitive as a job, and requires perseverance. So update that CV and start searching!

Best of luck xoxo

On the sunniest Christmas Britain has ever seen. I woke up with a cold, just my luck. There couldn’t have been worse timing. But on the upside, I will be expanding my horizons and blogging away at the same time. I’m starting up a new instagram, and I’ll be sharing my crazy awesome photography skilllzz with you all. Please bare with me, instagram confuses me.

Merry Christmas, and I’ll see you all on boxing day for I shall be bed bound once more!! <<hit me up bro!