Good evening bloggersphere.I came here because I wanted to say something but I’m not sure what yet so I’m just gonna let it flow for now.

As promised I got my act together, I made it to the end of my college course and I don’t feel any better about having done it but on my way out I found my next step which is everything and for that I am grateful.

I am starting a new blog but it’s going to be image based featuring my designs and my beautiful model Molly as pictured above. I believe I’m going to mainly use instagram and youtube. I really love the new photographic outlet where I can capture my ideas in my garment and show it all to the world through my eyes as I see it.I just can’t explain how thrilled I am to really get my teeth into this projects and for you all to see it and have people maybe want to see more.

You can find my new blog titled Molly and Tamara on tumblr here and our instagram page here.

I hope you follow because there are many great things to come!

Until next time xx


Check it oouut!

So yesterday evening I was out and heard some amazing up and coming artists some who I probably won’t get the chance to listen to again. Which is no good because they were all truly amazing. But this particular artist that I’m sharing with you all today is Jade Bird she is a singer/songwriter and is just spectacular. Just spend 3 minutes checking her out because her music can speak for itself. If you do like her and you are in London, check her out live because yes, she does get better XD

You can follow her on twitter @JadeJademusic

and find her on facebook here>>