100 days of summer

Before I crack open a good book and head out for a swim, i thought I’d make a small pubic declaration. And instead of waffling around the subject as I often do, here it is;

This summer I will be giving myself 100 days to completely declutter and become organised.

Sounds easy right? Well, not so much, I am a massive hoarder, i hold on to everything and it hurts to throw things away. It’s got to the point where my stuff is pouring out of my stuff, the wardrobe doors don’t close and the contents of the shelves dangling.

With this post I have made a public promise, to blog, and keep blogging and never forget to blog for the next 100 days. But please, try not to hold me too it, I’m somewhat flakey.


One thought on “100 days of summer

  1. Reblogged this on Tamy and commented:

    I can’t even keep promises to myself. No wonder my friends can’t trust me. Perhaps it’s time to take another look at what went wrong and make another go at it.

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