A few Swift thoughts.

I’ve just had a little word with myself because I’ve got a mental dilemma that I’ve had to talk out and conclude. First, my conclusion. I like Taylor Swift. No wait, hear me out.

As teenager I never really got into pop culture so I’m not really able to follow it like you very talented internet people are. And you may be wondering, how have you gone throughout your life without hearing Taylor Swift? I’m not really an outside kind of person, it takes quite a lot to get me outside, I’m actually supposed to be at the gym right now. I also don’t even have freeview in my bedroom and god forbid I try to watch telly with my parents.

I actually was watching silent music videos in the gym the other day, it’s hilarious, if you haven’t do. I saw the video for shake it off, and I had a damn good chuckle, it was so good I was getting serious looks. And I watched it with the music when I got home, and I had a good laugh then too. But then it clicked, I enjoyed this song, so I looked more and more.

Okay, so this isn’t a very good story, but my point is, I hear so much negativity about so many things and I just ignore it, wanting to stay out of the debate. But today I can honestly say, I want to be in this debate. Because she actually writes all her own music, she’s a current and widely popular country singer, who doesn’t show her but. I think she has a lot going for her and she doesn’t deserve everything that people say about her.


So many emails.

I didn’t realise what I signing up for when I used my email for various internet activities. Using my email every time I want to buy a t-shirt, to test out new web services, now I’ve got messages coming in from all angles, for crap that I don’t even care about and what’s worse is that my junk is just as full.

I’m not even sure how this happened, it was such a slow build build up. I’m now getting about 28 emails a day, and I’m too anal not to read them all. It has driven me mad having an unread email and not being able to find it. But I’m starting to see a bleak future with this situation, can you imagine a day where it takes 20 minutes just to click each email and read 2 of them.

No way, make it stop.

The truth about vlogging

So you may or may not know that I’ve recently started a youtube channel. Now it seems to be a pretty easy way to blog, you just sit infront of a camera and talk for a few minutes, right?

Wrong. There is so much more to vlogging than just a bubbly personality and a camera, and here is where I start rambling on about my first vlog.

When I turned on my camera and started filming, I’m sure it took me 3 or 4 takes just to get hello because talking into a camera alone in my room felt so alien and uncomfortable that I just kept laughing and turning it off. It didn’t take long for me to realise that I needed to leave the camera running and just get on with it.

Once I had two successful takes I uploaded my videos onto my computer and it dawned on me. How do I edit this mess? I started having all kinds of flash backs from film and media lessons passed, all done on a mac with iMovie. Great, I’ve got a pc, only made worse with windows 8. Finding editing software that matches your ability when you have 0 ability is not easy. I mean, that was some tough loving. For my first video I used windows movie maker, which you may have gathered is not up to scratch. It took way more work than necessary, Every time you made a cut you had to delete and nothing moved smoothly. Needless to say I was frustrated but I managed it.

The weirdest part was watching it back, especially as I was editing. Natural human behavior is not suitable for film. I move my hands all over the place when I talk and I don’t stop talking to get things I just ramble on as I disappear. Also I tend to look up when I’m talking instead of into the camera which is strange, I’m not really sure why that is.

The worst thing that I did in two videos, is film and finish the whole video and have not filmed anything at all, or had the mic turned off. When you film a video a second time you’ll find that you’ve lost momentum instead of what you’d expect to happen and be really with it because you’ve practiced. No, sir.

In conclusion, I have a lot of work to do, and hopefully I can keep at it. Check out my youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCafj7r_OIiuqWKo7cTLmwKw and follow my vlogging progress too. Who knows, you might even learn to like me. XD